Jun 8, 2012

RV life.

In case you want to know what it's like living in an RV for 2 months, here's a few experiences, events, and escapades.

Other than this, we've had no major breakdowns.

Just a few minor maintenance things.  Like the toilet clogging. But it was no biggy.  Nothing a long stick couldn't handle.  I think it's because we don't use special RV toilet paper.  Hate that stuff!  Anyway, with a resident professional plumber, we can darn well use whatever type of TP we want!

And speaking of toilets...I wonder if I'll try to step-flush our real toilets when we get home?!

A minor fix-it issue.  Hinge broke.  Should be easy to fix.

Every stop, Tim and/or Abe do the hook up thing to the water and sewer and electric.  They've got it down pat and can do it in record time.

This is a common occurrence.  I can almost hear the recorded voice:
"Please use caution when opening overhead compartments as items may have shifted during flight."

Nothing broken or spilled other than my leave-in conditioner.   As it fell, it broke the spray nozzle off the top.  Still usable though.

We had a little issue with the wiring that runs the drivers seat adjustments.  Tim endeavored to fix it as we were going down the road and Abe was driving.  Pretty funny to watch.

We did stop to put new tires on the front of the RV.  They were '08's.  There were some '02 tires in the back, so we replaced those with the '08 tires from the front. Tim felt much better after getting that done.

When the pop-outs are out, there is a lot of room in here.  Room to work on a project...

...spread out schoolwork....

...have company...

...do the elephant walk...

...and, of course, the daily wrestling/tickling matches.

At our fuel stops, we try to wash the windshield.  It does pose a bit of a challenge, but Abe figured out one way to get it done.

One challenge that we've mastered is the driver switch-out.  You put it on cruise and the driver gets out of the seat while holding the wheel for the replacement driver.

Replacement driver slides into place, adjusts seat, puts seat belt on, and adjusts the steering wheel.

See?  Just like that.  Easy as pie.  Only problem is...
 ...this is as far as I can reach!  That's with the seat scooted all the way up and the gas pedal extender all the way out!  Makes for a serious leg cramp if you have to drive like this very long.  I only drive when we can roll along on cruise control for hours.  :)

But what about meals?

No different than at home.  Just less space, but I have still have an oven, microwave, and range.  Also, a good size sink with a normal faucet, and a very nice frig - plenty of room!  The freezer is also good size and includes an ice maker.  I love that.

Abe doing dishes from a large meal.  Lack of space for this job can be a bit annoying.  It's much better if someone dries as you go.

Making apple crisp.

Me washing dishes while Angi makes a yummy pasta meal.  Glad to have my cook along with us!

When traveling through boring countryside, there's always this option...go get in our bed and watch a movie!

So...it's pretty much normal life - just moving along as you live it.  We are all loving it and are not ready for it to end.  Traveling in an RV is wonderful!  Thanks to my hubby a million times for making this happen!

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  1. Again....this is something we would love to do one day! Your blog has been so fun to keep up with! Thank you, Sherri! You all have a lot of fun together! Thank you for sharing your family life with us ..... showing us the love and fun that a family can have together! Looking forward to more fun blogs!