Jun 5, 2012

Love this place :)

Hey guys, this is Marci :) 

There are tons of beautiful rivers and lakes here in Oregon. I absolutely love this area of the country!  Its a little cold for me, but so beautiful! As water lovers, we had to stop by one of the rivers to get a little closer look. :)

As cold as I thought the water at Yosemite was, this water had to be at least 5 degrees colder! It burned as soon as I put my hand in, and it took forever for the numbness to wear off!

There was a huge log laying across the river. Of course we had to go across :)

Well, most of us wanted to go across :) Dad was the photographer, and Angi declined joining us. We had to climb down a bit of a drop off to get to the river, and she's not really into heights. :)

This was in honor of Angi. This is how she would have crossed if she had made it that far at all! :) lol

Abe, being a dork as always :)

Oregon has been one of my favorite places on our trip so far.

Enjoying chilling tonight around a campfire... not sure if I ever want to go home! :)

Missing everyone back home though! 


  1. I officially want to go to Oregon. It's gorgeous!

  2. Jeannine6/06/2012

    Love it, Marci! Oregon is a state I have thought would be amazing to visit!
    Yesterday I was talking to a friend who is moving to Portland, Oregon on Monday! But....wait....that is not a suggestion! Love and miss you!

  3. Wow! You guys are having such an amazing trip! I'm gonna miss all your interesting blogs when it's over!