Sep 24, 2012

Another school interruption.

We were peacefully doing school - biology.

Sailing along quite nicely.

It was a gorgeous day.  The schoolroom sliding door was open.

Then a bird flew into the schoolroom, and biology came to a halt.

The bird flew into the game room, onto a shelf.  Then into Tim's office, behind the copy machine.

After ten minutes of careful chasing, Conni showed up with this.

A darling little wren.  Conni stuck her outside on the deck rail.  She perched there for a while, got her breath and her wits back, then flew away.

Mission accomplished.

Bird saved.

An unplanned 15 minute break.

Back to school.

I'll admit the thought did actually cross my mind to keep the little booger.  We could use her for an upcoming biology lab project....

New chores, new fun.

Conni finally got something she's been wanting for a long time...goats.

Two of them.

They are dairy goats - French Alpines.  Mother and daughter, Sibyl and Saxony.

We fenced them into our overgrown garden, hoping they would do some serious damage to all the weeds.

It's pretty amazing what they won't eat.  They really aren't grass eaters - they like to forage in the woods more.
We took a lovely little trip up to Madison county to get some hay.  We fit 21 bales on the truck - should last a couple of months.

My farm girl animal lover.

 Putting in some hard work.

A few days later, during school, we saw a goat and a dog go flying past the schoolroom window.

Of course, school came to a screeching halt.

We ran outside to see what was going on.  The goats had knocked down our temporary gate in the garden and gotten out.  Obviously, Bear had to give chase.  Fifteen minutes later, goats were in their pen, we had our dewy, goat poop crocs in the laundry sink, and we were back to school.

Ah, the joys (pains) of owning animals.  I'm glad we can do it though.  Glad this girl can do what she loves.

Here's hoping we can keep the school interruptions to a minimum!