Sep 24, 2012

Another school interruption.

We were peacefully doing school - biology.

Sailing along quite nicely.

It was a gorgeous day.  The schoolroom sliding door was open.

Then a bird flew into the schoolroom, and biology came to a halt.

The bird flew into the game room, onto a shelf.  Then into Tim's office, behind the copy machine.

After ten minutes of careful chasing, Conni showed up with this.

A darling little wren.  Conni stuck her outside on the deck rail.  She perched there for a while, got her breath and her wits back, then flew away.

Mission accomplished.

Bird saved.

An unplanned 15 minute break.

Back to school.

I'll admit the thought did actually cross my mind to keep the little booger.  We could use her for an upcoming biology lab project....

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