Jul 29, 2011

July 16 - surprise birthday party for Josue

Linda, Stephanie, Mom and I threw together a surprise party for Josue ... not sure how surprised he was but it was still fun :)

Jonny, Stephanie and Josue. Jonny - is it possible to get a normal picture of you? lol :) Love you guys!

Karla, Josue and Kathy

Almost everyone....

Everyone but Berenice and the Moms...

Josue, J-Mar, Abe, Stephanie, Jonny, Josh, Karla, Kathy, Me, and Angi

and Linda and Mami :)

Josue and Mom :)

Josue and Mami (mommy)

Kathy, Angi, Bere, Karla

Attempting to do the limbo thing with a broomstick ;)

I think Jonny actually got it.

Linda giving it a try...

Almost there!

 Mami had to give it a try :)


I think Josh was overwhelmed at this point  :) lol

...and thats as far as he got :)

Jonny and Stephanie watching

Josh #2 (or Jmar) :) We had 3 Josh's at our house that day ;)

I wish I had pictures of us playing knockout... that whole evening was so much fun :)

Happy 23rd birthday Josue!


First of all - thanks for providing an occasion to do this goes to Melody Norris and her 22nd birthday! Out of all our friends, only 4 of us had the guts to go :)
We had SO much fun! I was thinking it would just be a once in a lifetime kind of thing, but now I really want to go again:) Maybe once Abe turns 18 we will get another group together. So save up your money people! Its totally worth it!

Abe and I

We girls (notice that 3 girls went and only one guy...) eating while we waited for our plane.

We had a little 15 minute training class before hand.

This was our instructor - he was the one who jumped tandem with me. He was great :)

it was squinty out there - i don't actually have a bad attitude :)

lol - demonstrating the fact that the airplane door is not very tall, so we must crouch down or we will bump our heads :)

practicing our free-fall pose :) This is actually quite instinctive when you are falling stomach-first towards the ground.

Getting my gear on....



Melody, Rebecca and I getting ready to go.

Melody - happy birthday girl!


1st cousins once-removed ;)

Rebecca's instructor was a crack-up :) He was joking about just catching her by her hair if something went wrong :) lol

Melody and I

Ready to go in our lovely purple pants!

Abe wearing my sexy flight hat :)

Getting on the plane..

and we're off!

The spectators

Mr and Mrs Brusby

and there we are! I skipped all the pictures of tiny little dots in the sky cause you can't really see anything...

I think this is me....


Me coming in to land...

I was quite proud of myself for making a beautiful little running stop :)

The adrenaline rush was increadible :) There's nothing like jumping out of a plane at 13,500 ft and freefalling for 60 seconds, then basically riding a rollercoaster for another 5 minutes before landing safely back on earth :)



Safely on the ground ;)

Me in my sweet hat. I want one. lol

Getting the equipment off..

Trevor Brusby, Melody and Mrs. Norris

We each signed eachothers SKYDIVING bumpersticker. (yes, i know im holding my pen wrong...)

My Certificate of Accomplishment :)

That was an awesome way to spend the 4th of July!
I definitely think everyone should do this at one point in their life :) Its not THAT scary :)