Jul 29, 2011

July 16 - surprise birthday party for Josue

Linda, Stephanie, Mom and I threw together a surprise party for Josue ... not sure how surprised he was but it was still fun :)

Jonny, Stephanie and Josue. Jonny - is it possible to get a normal picture of you? lol :) Love you guys!

Karla, Josue and Kathy

Almost everyone....

Everyone but Berenice and the Moms...

Josue, J-Mar, Abe, Stephanie, Jonny, Josh, Karla, Kathy, Me, and Angi

and Linda and Mami :)

Josue and Mom :)

Josue and Mami (mommy)

Kathy, Angi, Bere, Karla

Attempting to do the limbo thing with a broomstick ;)

I think Jonny actually got it.

Linda giving it a try...

Almost there!

 Mami had to give it a try :)


I think Josh was overwhelmed at this point  :) lol

...and thats as far as he got :)

Jonny and Stephanie watching

Josh #2 (or Jmar) :) We had 3 Josh's at our house that day ;)

I wish I had pictures of us playing knockout... that whole evening was so much fun :)

Happy 23rd birthday Josue!

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