Aug 5, 2011

And then there were five...

A new milestone in our lives; a first for our family.

We who were six are now five.

Angi moved out on July 5.

We loaded her car and the sub with all her stuff. I thought it would all fit in the sub - piece of cake. I was wrong. She had more than I thought or it was bigger than I thought or something! There was a bed frame that she had claimed from our attic since she was a little girl. She had refinished that and an old cherry end table from the attic too. Along with her nice leather chair and ottoman from her room, there were several large pieces. Oh yeah. Also, the full length mirror she got a few years ago for a birthday gift. It was (precariously) perched on top of the load. We prayed for no sudden stops. We made the heavily laden trip to Richmond. Got there just as she was finishing up painting her room. With Marci and Abe and John Roy to help, we got it all carried in rather quickly. She is living in an old house on Monument with 4 other girls. She has her own room; shares the rest of the house. Tim hung her mirror and Abe and I hung some wall decor. Marci bossed.

We miss Angi very much but are so glad she's come home every weekend. She's pursuing her doula career in Richmond. As of yesterday, August 4, she signed her very first client and has several more interviews lined up. Yay! So proud of her. I'll let her keep us all posted on how things go from here. Hear that, Angi??!

So life goes on. The remaining 3 kids toss for Angi's place at the table. There's no one to make her awesome salad dressing. No book and Bible left on the window sill by her place at the table. There aren't 3 iron skillets to wash up behind her every morning. The spinach goes bad before we use it all. I never hear the banging of her toothbrush on the side of her sink every morning and evening like clockwork. There's no early morning coffee smell. There's no one to yell at Marci when she forgets to replace the TP roll.

And worst of all, the piano is silent.

Angi, you've left a huge hole.

We love you and we know you'll be back home fairly often if for no other than these 2 reasons:


Well water.

Still adapting. Learning once again to move on.

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