Aug 5, 2011


This is usually synonymous with lots of food, lots of people, corny jokes, singing, random sports, and lots of people talking over the top of each other. Don't worry about the heated conversations; it isn't really arguing. It's "discussing" as the true blue original Cottens say. Those of us who just married in to the bunch have learned to adapt...with patience. It's actually quite entertaining to sit back and watch and listen to a subject be beaten to death, buried, then resurrected again! Gotta love them all! The interesting part is when our kids who are half Cotten, half something else get going in the middle of it too. Try putting Earl Stamper and all his carefully remembered and documented details in the middle of a fast-paced, noisy Cotten discussion. Like I said...entertaining.

We all got together in honor of Phillip's 50th birthday. It was up in Madison at Phillip and Ronda's. What a great time. So good to be with them all.

We started out with the guys shucking corn... lots of it!

Aunt Laura and Conni.

Phillip proceeded to burn himself while cooking the corn.  Man, it looked so painful!  This is Ronda bringing him a bowl of ice water to put his hand in.

And of course, whenever there are Cotten guys together, there will be basketball.

Little Emmett Cotten.  Wade and Amy's son.  So cute and so full of energy!

Tori, Aubrey, and Angi.


Grandmommy cutting up Phil's meat while he keeps his burned finger in a cup of water.  Pretty funny.

Wade, Amy, and Emmett.

Some of the young married girls.

  Jeannine.  My niece, sister, and best friend.  She's pregnant with her 5th boy!

Cory and Brittany.

Sonda Amyette with her granddaughter Kamryn.  She's such a smiley little girl!

Wade and Russell cutting watermelon - straight from Mississippi.

Little Rory Dunavant enjoying some watermelon.  Look at those eyes!

It was a great evening.  We had a great time and of course, great food.  What do you expect with a bunch of Cotten ladies in the kitchen?  Russell did an awesome job on the brisket, too.

Let's see.  Whose birthday is next?  When can we have the next family gathering? 

So thankful for them all.  Glad I'm married into this bunch and accepted as one of them.

I may not be able to "discuss" things like they all can, but I guarantee I can get to a point quicker than all of them!  :)

Love my family!

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  1. Thanks Sherri for sharing...such a fun filled evening.Love you all~