Aug 7, 2011

Down to four....

For just 3 weeks.

Conni is gone to summer camp.

She's attending Camp Lachlan near Lexington, VA. We dropped her off there on Sunday, July 23. It's a 3 week camp.

Here she is with her counselor, Megan.

First thing, Conni got to pick her bunk from the 2 remaining bunks.  This cabin has 6 girls and 2 counselors in it.  It is one of the smallest cabins.

Then Megan showed her how to make her bunk and how she would be expected to make it every morning.

Of course, Conni chose the top bunk.

Notice the trunk in the foreground in the above picture.  My grandma Stamper gave me that before I got married.  For 15 years or more, it has been the "dress-up" trunk.  Full of dress-up clothes.  Now, they are all in large trashbags in the basement while Conni uses it for camp.  They were asked to pack in a trunk and this is what we had.  It's a bit big, but it worked.  She had to take all her bedding, towels, sleeping bag, clothes, etc. 

Then we walked down to the face washing, tooth brushing trough.  It is thigh high and has little spigots all down it.  Each girl is assigned a number for camp. They will use that same number for various groupings and activities.  Also, it tells them which cubby is theirs.  They keep their toothbrush and toothpaste in their cubby.  As you can see, this is outside.  Just has a little awning/overhang on it.  For toilets, they use outhouses.  For showers, they use the lake!

 Back in her cabin with her bed made and ready to roll.  What I forgot about until later was that hidden in her pillowcase was a Tupperware container with 5 of the 18 baby snakes in it.  Thankfully, she was allowed to keep them and they are now residing in the camp terrarium.

Hugs goodbye!  How did she ever get this big?  Wow.  Three weeks is going to be a long time.

I miss her, but I know she's having a great time.  I'll share exerpts from some of her letters soon.  Too funny and so Conni!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying having the house to myself.... for a little while.  Getting projects done, having lunch with friends, etc.

One thing I've noticed that I don't like.  The kitchen table just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  There are only four of us!  We have to reach to pass stuff.  Maybe I should just take a leaf out.  No, she'll be back soon.

Enjoy your kids, folks!

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