Aug 8, 2011

Letters from camp...

This is one of many we've been getting in the mail.

  She was thrilled to get a care package we sent.

Here are my instructions on how to care for Little Zeus, Conni's turtle, and her 14 remaining snakes at home.

  Keep them tame, indeed!  Do I look like Steve Irwin?

Her letter to Bear.  How in the world did I miss his birthday?  Just must not be on my radar, but she sure remembered it!  It's not everyone that would spend $.44 on a letter to their dog!

Now for the "need" list.

This is Conni's letter to Abe.

$.44 for a 5 word letter.  Nothing like getting a little dig in to Abe, too.  We just laughed.

Favorite quotes:
"Getting mail is, like, the best part of the day.  Tell everyone to keep it comin'!"

"I really like Nancy and LeeBo.  (camp owners)  They are like our grandparents.  They are always there ready to give a hug, a kiss, or a word of advice.  We all love them."

"Only 1 snake is still alive."  (love this one!)

"Everyone borrows clothes and accessories from everyone else.  I love it here!"

"I would DIE without my canteen!"

"I think everyone likes me and I like pretty much everyone."

"I wish I had brought more candy and snacks."

"I should  probably stop writing now or else I will have to send this via UPS." (after an 8 pg letter)

"In riflery I got a 33 which is pretty good!  I was the highest in my group.  The second highest was a fourth-year and she got a 30.  I am sending my target to you guys so you can see how AWESOME I am!"

I really do miss her, but I'm so glad she has this opportunity.  She's such a special, unique girl.

Gotta love your kids!

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