Sep 3, 2011

Camp Lachlan memories.

When we picked Conni up from camp, she was able to give us a tour of the grounds and lots of stories and memories for each spot.
When they are getting ready to load up and leave, the girls unload their cabin into piles out on the grass.  This is what it looks like.

Let's see..... which swim suit is mine?????

Tim getting help loading Conni's trunk.

She's going to miss this little cabin and her friends here.

Hadyn, a new friend.  Two sweet girls having to say goodbye.

Conni with Morgan and Mollie her couselors.

This is the lake.  Lots of swimming took place here, as well as bathing!

The horse riding was one of her favorites.                              Demonstrating the climbing wall.

For bathrooms, they used out-houses.  There was the "home office", "foreign office", and this one was called the "United Nations".  Two seaters!

Everywhere you look, there is a gorgeous view.  This is Jump Mountain.

This is the spot that they had morning devotions...every day for 21 days.  It was a sweet spot to Conni and loaded with good memories.  Nancy talked to the girls here every morning.  The camp verse was: "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be always acceptable in thy sight, O Lord my strength and my Redeemer."
It was a little sad for her telling me about it and having to leave it.

Now this one is so funny.  She said that she gained something she's never had in her life.  A calf muscle!  We really got a kick out of that.  They walk so much and everything is either up hill or down.

This is a really cool way they keep track of who's in the lake.  Everyone has a tag.  If you are in the lake, the tag with your number on it has to be turned over.

All the campers ready for the closing ceremonies.

LeeBo, the camp owner, giving his speech.

Your name is called, you go up and receive hugs from Nancy and LeeBo, along with your awards and certificates.

Then lots of hugs and tears as the girls say goodbye to each other.  This is Madi Myers.

All the camp counselors got in a line and the campers got to go down the line on the way out and give hugs and say goodbye.

Hugging Carmen Linder, a camp counselor.

Morgan.  Conni's counselor that was in her cabin. Sweet girl.

Hard to say goodbye knowing at best, you won't see any of them until next year and maybe not even then.  She's going to miss her new friends and all the experiences she had here.  We're so thankful she could have this time at this wonderful girls camp. 

We feel like it was a wonderful experience for Conni.  We wouldn't hesitate to do it again or to recommend it to someone else.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour of Camp Lachlan in the beautiful rural countryside of Virginia.

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  1. Looks like such a great time. Our two older kids did the same type of camp, but it was only a week. They had a blast and are looking forward to next time.