Sep 3, 2011

Paper sacks and turtles.

The other day I was working in the kitchen, and since it was so gorgeous outside, I had the kitchen door wide open. As I worked, I kept hearing a papery, rattly sound. I finally went in search of it and found this sack sitting right outside the door. It hadn't been there 20 minutes earlier and since I don't shop at Giant, I just figured someone had come by the house and dropped something off for me.

I peaked inside and found (not to my surprise) a turtle. I immediately thought of Conni. She had just gotten home from babysitting and must've brought this.
It rattled around in there for an hour or so, then when I peaked out again, the bag looked like this:

...and there was no turtle.
It had gotten out all by itself. I found it on the deck under my fern.

I thought Conni had let it go, but no... the next morning, I found the thing crawling around the schoolroom! She assures me it's not a distraction from school. So, as we do school, Brer Terrapin plods around the schoolroom, making little scratchy noises.
And so goes a day in our house.

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