Sep 8, 2011

Random weekend happenings.

Angi came home for the weekend!

So good to have her around here. I love seeing the 4 kids interact. She claims that since she has no one to pester now, she has to come home and make up for it with Abe. Usually, the only way to make any headway on the pestering is for the girls to gang up on him.

I assume this is a normal question from teenage guys with lots of energy and a love for anything physical or sports-like:  "Hey! Watch. Can you do this?"

Then he'll do something like this:

Usually, one of us will try whatever it is he's doing. This time it was Angi.

Abe said she did pretty well....for a girl. She was a bit exasperated.

At breakfast, Abe was asked if he wanted "Cotten butter" or regular butter. He went for the "Cotten butter".
In case anyone wonders what the term "Cotten butter" means, here's a visual.

Cold and hard. You don't spread it on your toast. You place it around in little chunks. This is something some of my kids like. They don't eat it this way all the time, but they do like it. It is something they inherited from Joe Cotten.

On Sunday, we went up to the mountains with several friends.

We did some hiking,

...some football,

...lots of visiting, picnicking, and for Quintin and Abe, lots of jumping.  I mean LOTS of jumping.  They jump over things, onto things, into trees, over each other, etc....

I like this one.

Twin jumping beans.

No,the girls didn't try these.

Fun weekend.
Good food.
Good friends.
Good discussions.
Good memories.

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