Jun 8, 2012

An unexpected blessing!

I love this trip!  I love how our God continually blesses us and provides what we need when we need it!  I love the way He leads in ways we could never plan or foresee!

We got a phone call and an invitation that caused us to slightly change our travel plans.  It was so worth it!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

After leaving the Crater Lake area, we headed to Bend, OR.  What a joy to get to see and reconnect with these dear friends - Burnell and Paula Johnson.   It's been 28 years!

They so warmly opened their home, arms, and hearts to us.  We were able to pick back up where we left off many years ago.  God is so amazing!  I know that it is only because of Him and His work in our hearts and lives that we were able to do this.  I truly believe He brought us together again, and I am so thankful.

We got to see 4 of their 8 children.  Here is Carrie and her husband Kent, and daughter Liberty.

So, SO good to see her!

We got a tour of the Johnson's property where they hold a Christian camp every summer.  Here's a view from the pasture.  Gorgeous, huh?

We saw Burnell and Paula's son Dwight and his wife and family.  Here is Dwight with a 4-wheeler load of kids!

We also saw Naomi and her husband, and Wade and his wife.  Missed seeing Warren, Chad, David, and Carla.  Next time!

The view from Burnell and Paula's second floor balcony.

Angi enjoyed playing the grand piano and we enjoyed listening.

On our way out of town, they treated us to coffee from their coffee shop, The Coffee Depot.

I will miss these dear friends.  Burnell and Paula, you have no idea how much you encouraged us.
Encouragement to keep on; to live from our hearts as God leads us.  To love our family unconditionally; to live life with our kids.  To continue to open our home and share our lives with others.  And much more...

It was a perfect 24 hours together.  We are so grateful for the time and look forward to seeing each other again!


  1. Tim and Sherri, thank you for going out of your way to visit us. The stedfast love of the Lord never ceases, and we experienced his love through you all. Even though it has been 28 years since we have been together, the love was as strong as ever. You are a delightful couple. :)
    You have a beautiful, fun family. May God continue to give you wisdom and grace as you enjoy them!
    Angi, Marci, Abe, and Connie, thank you for "hanging out" with two old people. We enjoyed you so much and look forward to keeping up with each of your endeavors.
    We love you and thank you, again, for stopping by!
    Big hugs all around and a snuggle for Bear!

    "My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever." Psalm 145:21

  2. Wow...was I ever encouraged this morning as I read thru this post! To see that God has done exactly what He promised He'd do in the lives of you all and Burnell and Paula! We've heard so many encouraging things about them and also some of the happenings at Camp Dwight! Maybe one day.....!!!! I just had to thank you again for you all's life being such a huge encouragement to go on seeking God with our whole hearts! Blessings on your trip as you continue on seeing what God has for you all next! We love your family!

    "I thank my God every time I remember you" Philippians 1:3