Jun 15, 2012

In memory of Rue.

Remember this little fellow?  This is Rue.

He was Conni's rescue pet found the day before we left on our trip back in April.

He was such a cute little guy.  Loved to scamper around on us and the RV.

Rue had to be fed from a teeny weeny bottle.  He would hold onto it with both "hands" and slurp it down.  He really was a cute little fellow.

And then, one day, he took a tumble from the kitchen counter down to the floor.  Spread eagle.  Splat.

Two days later, he was dead.

Since then, he has been in our freezer.

For almost 2 months, and 7,000 miles.

Today, Conni found the perfect place to put Rue to rest.

First of all, she built a raft.  Then she tested it and found it seaworthy.

Next, a little run back to the RV to retrieve Rue out of the freezer.

She placed Rue in the raft and added a flag.

Making sure the "Good-bye Rue" flag is up.

There he is... a little fur ball on the raft.

And he's off.  Happy sailing, Rue!

 Kind of like being buried at sea.  One day, barring complications, floods, waterfalls, fishermen, and predators, he'll end up in the Gulf of Mexico!

Abe giving a respectful send-off salute.

A near collision!  This dog was out playing fetch with a frisbee.  Rue and his raft almost bumped into him.  You can see the raft between the rock and the dog.

We're all glad Rue has been properly disposed of.  What a way to go, too.  Floating peacefully down a gorgeous river in WY!


  1. Nice shirt, Conni. so true. ;)

  2. Was Rue named after The Hunger Games??

    1. Blair,
      Yes he was! Marci and Conni thought it fit him perfectly. Not sure why....Good to hear from you! Tell the family hi.