Jun 16, 2012

Two wonderful weeks!

For two weeks, I've had all of my family together - husband and all four kids.  It has been a wonderful time.  Memories to cherish forever.  I love these four so much; am so proud of each one of them, and thank God for every moment we had together.

Yesterday, we dropped Angi and Marci at the Denver airport.  Time to fly home.  Vacation was over for them.  Marci has three weddings this weekend, and Angi has two clients due next week.  Duty calls.

Originally, we planned on being home June 14, Thursday.  But time was flying by too quickly; we wanted more time together in the west.  So we opted to fly them home on Thursday, giving us a few more days together.

It was hard to have them leave.  I already miss them.

So now, we're down to four.

Looking forward to enjoying the last 10 days of this epic trip!

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