Jun 13, 2012

Wading and fishing in the Laramie.

Here's a shot of our little campground in little bitty Jelm, WY.  It is called Woods Landing and it's on the Big Laramie River.  Pretty rustic, but at least they had hook-ups for RV's.

View from a rock in the middle of the river.  The water was very cold!

Down river.

Abe went to fish, we went to watch.

This is as far as Angi and I made it.  A good spot to enjoy the sun, watch Abe fish, and freeze our feet.
Love this picture of my pretty Angi.

I ran back to the RV for a new camera battery.  I come back and see Marci getting lessons from Abe.  I perched myself back on the rock and just watched.  It was pretty entertaining.  I'm not sure which was funnier...Marci's determination, or Abe's exasperation/frustration.

Kind of like she can't talk without her hands, she also can't cast without facial help!  Abe is laughing at how far her cast didn't go.

She got hung up on her own line.  Abe is helping her out.

More facial help.  Abe smirking.

Fail, and they both die laughing.

In Marci's words..."This river sucks."  She didn't catch anything, and her casting never really got perfected.  Therefore, at some point, you give the rod back to Abe and wade (carefully) back out of the river.

 Here's a view of the mountain we climbed yesterday; from the river up through the trees.

Done with this morning's fishing.  He only caught one trout.  It was too small so he threw it back.

On our way out of the campground we stopped at the post office to drop off some post cards.  It's tiny!  Basically a walk-in closet.  No one is manning it. Just post office boxes in there.  Barely room to turn around.

 Now traveling south into CO.  We could see the smoke from the wildfires while we were still in Cheyenne, WY.

We're parked for a few minutes at  Cracks and Chips Windshield Repair.  Got a crack in the windshield and want to keep it from growing.

Glad for insurance!

Still moving on; still having fun.

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