May 3, 2012

San Diego friends and fun.

It's been great spending a few days with Smitt and Janet Smith.  They took us to a yummy restaurant on Coronado.  Talk about some good BBQ!

And another first for me: fried pickles! Who ever heard of such a thing?  Not too bad; very interesting.

While we were sitting there eating, Smitt pointed out the ship he was working on that morning.  He directs where the containers being unloaded are placed.

Tim and Smitt patiently waiting while the ladies perused the shops on Coronado.

This was kinda interesting to me.  NO DUMPSTER DIVING!  They actually post warnings about it.

We went down to the beach on Coronado.  Did Conni get wet?  Of course!

We took a tour of Hotel Del Coronado.  Marilyn Monroe filmed "Some Like It Hot" here back in the day.  Pretty fancy schmancy!

Driving back over the Coronado bridge.

While we were still in downtown San Diego, we did a little tour of Homeless Alley in memory of our last trip out here in 1995.

We went in a fish market down on the bay and saw this lovely suggestion for dinner.  I just don't think I could eat this.  It has to be tough and slimy.  

Janet gave us a free one pound gift certificate to See' of course.....

...we had to go pick out a pound of chocolates!

Later, waiting in line at Mr. Frosties for ice cream.  Way too much food in one day!

Four wheeling + mud + Conni = :

Conni and Ashley after four wheeling.

A first for Conni:  she stepped on this little guy and got a nice little sting!

At Sea World with a lot of other kids (education day) and waiting to get in.  We went with Margaret and her kids, and Janet and Ashley.

Watching the seal and otter show.  Janet, Conni, Ashley, Johnny.

Caught this back flip in mid-air!

Conni and Johnny in the back seat of the boat in Journey to Atlantis.

The kids sat on row 2 of the dolphin show.  They had to get up and move at one point because they were so soaked.

This pilot whale could make a serious splash!

Soaked.  Why not go ride again?!

 So much fun to travel and spend time with friends.  We had a great time at Sea World; now I won't need to go back to an amusement park for 5 or 6 more years!

Enjoy your weekend!  We are!

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  1. Yes! I've heard of fried pickles..but have never tried them! they look delicious! :D
    seaworld looks like fun!
    have a safe trip back, Mr Cotten!