May 6, 2012

5, 4, 3, and now it's just 2.

Abe left last Wednesday, the second of May.  I was busy getting in a different car and heading to Sea World, and didn't get a picture of him leaving.  He made it safely in to OK.  He's staying with my brother Grant and his family.

Marci flew from VA to OK on Friday night.  She and Abe were both at their cousin Lauren's wedding on Saturday, May 5.

And now it's Sunday, May 6.  Tim just left to fly back to VA to work for a couple of weeks. (18 days to be exact.)  He left really early, but 30 minutes later he was back.  He said he brought something for Conni and left it outside the RV door.  This is what we found:

Yay!  Now we have 2 bikes and can go places!  Thanks, Babe!

I was sad to see him go. That's a long time to be apart.

So now it's just Conni and me.  We are set up at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, CA.  Other than missing the rest of my family, I don't think we'll suffer too much.  Let's see....3 pools here...
The Sun, The Fun, That is Southern California

plenty of room to roller blade, a library....
Library and Computer Room

a fitness room...

State of the Art Fitness Center nearby, and of course, there's always school work to catch up on.

So let the chilling begin!  Excited to see what the next couple of weeks will bring.  People to meet, people to watch, people to learn from, people to laugh at, things to do, places to go.... always an adventure around the next corner.  You just never know....

My prayer is that we stay open to whatever the Lord has for us.  I want to be used, to be a light for Him.  I want others to see Christ in me, and I know that can start with my countenance.

Smile, folks, and enjoy your week!


  1. I am really having to work on jealous thoughts this morning as I am reading this post....all of yours actually! This is like exactly what Jeff and I have been wanting to all over knowing that God has all sorts of plans for our life! It hasn't happened yet, but to read as you all are doing this...sure does heighten the desire to get the rig and move out into God's big exciting world! We have really enjoyed you sharing all the ways you all have encouraged and been encouraged as you walk out the life of a child of the King!! God is so good! Enjoy your time there and I assume it will pass quickly and Tim will return! Be blessed!

  2. Anonymous5/06/2012

    I love and appreciate how you keep focus......through the hard times.....being a light, and through the good times, which you so much deserve,.......being a light!
    So happy for you to have this special time!