May 6, 2012

I could just cry.....

We haven't been here 24 hours and Conni has found this.

A stray chihuahua. She saw it running through the park and dashed out to catch it.  Apparently, no one here owns it.  So.....does this mean we'll have a little bug-eyed kick dog with us the rest of the trip?!?

She got on her bike with the little pooch and went to the office to report a lost dog.  They are thrilled that she's keeping it.  :(

So, anyone want to adopt a long-haired chihuahua?  Pleeeeease?????

By the way, Bear thinks it's a chew toy. Go Bear!


  1. Leave it to Conni! She is a magnet for the under-privileged of the animal kingdom!

  2. One of our dogs is a long haired chihuahua/beagle/dachshund mix and he is the sweetest dog... But no, I am not volunteering to take your latest stray. Have fun!