May 3, 2012

Cousins reunited after 30 years.

Tim has an aunt and uncle and 5 first cousins in San Diego that he hasn't seen in over 30 years.  I have never met them.  One of the things we wanted to do on this trip was to re-unite with as many of his family members as we could.  We saw his Aunt Marilyn in Houston, his first cousin Truman and Jessica and their family in Kingman, and now, the Airy's in San Diego.

Wayne and Lynita took us to lunch at the Fish Market on the bay.  Lynita is Tim's dad's sister.

 Tim and Heather were thrilled to be together again.  So much to catch up on!

We went back to their house and the rest of the family came over.  I THINK I have them all straight now...lots of little ones to try to keep track of. :)  From youngest on the left to oldest on the right:
Jocelyn, John, Margaret, Heather, Mark David.

Monty, Jocelyn and their adorable little Allie.   Baby number two is on the way! :)

John, Jenny and their five kids:  Leah, Lauren, Lilly, Nathan, Lydia.

Jack, Margaret, and their 4 kids:  Jessica, Claudia, Kyle,and Josiah.

Jessica and Claudia.

We even got a concert!  They play beautifully.

Me with my "new" cousins.  It was so much fun meeting them all and getting to spend some time together.  Hmmm.... I believe I am the oldest one here.... just realized that.....

Little Nathan is too cute.  I love his chubbiness.

And Little Miss Sparkle!  She comes into a room with an Okay-I'm-here-now-the party-can-start grin.

Conni and Leah.

Heather and me.

Tim found a friend.  Little Lauren crawled up on his lap and snuggled for a while.  So sweet.

We had such a good time with them all and we look forward to keeping in touch in the future.  Thanks for all the wonderful hospitality and food!

We are so thankful for ALL our family...the ones we've lived near and had lots of interaction with, the ones that live across the country and we've only gotten to see once a year, and the ones that we've had no contact with for decades.  We are blessed and want to thank God for all the people He's put on our lives.  May we continue to serve Him and to show His love to all we come in contact with.  And may we never take our families for granted!

Go hug a relative!
Traveling on....


  1. What a special time! So glad you all had the time together!

  2. We are so glad you all are being able to make this amazing trip and connect with so many that you haven't had time with in way too many years! I know you're experiencing the unity of love that binds our hearts no matter the frequency of visiting or the distance between us. That unity is's Christ in us....the hope of glory! It's His love that He sheds abroad in our hearts. Keep enjoying your rich times of visiting with any and all you come into contact with! God is pleased and that's what our lives are all about! Bringing honor and glory to Him! Love your family!

  3. So happy for you all...looks like good times : )

  4. Wonderful, Sherri! Would love to meet them someday! And I love that you're rivaling my mom in how many pictures you take! You (and the kids) will be so glad for that later!