Apr 30, 2012


We left Sedona and headed to Kingman via Prescott.  I am now convinced that Tim could and would take this RV just about anywhere.  We went through a small alpine town called Jerome.  It is all on the side of a mountain.  Really, you should only go on this curvy, mountainous highway on a motorcycle.  Maybe a (very) small car.  But no...we have to plow through in a 38 foot beast!  I was a nervous wreck going through there.  People were stopping on the sidewalk to stare at the new "happening" in town.  Some were pointing; some just stared with their mouths open.  Steep.  Narrow.  And hairpins and switchbacks just don't describe it.  There were several places where we drove in both lanes.  If we stayed in our lane, we would take out someone's porch or stairs that hung out over the road.  Or we would hit the mountain wall where huge boulders jutted out over the road.

Like I said...a bit nervous.  We finally made it over the mountains....no problems.

We arrived in Kingman and went to Tim's cousin's house.  Our kids had never met their kids.  Second cousins, but didn't know each other.

We visited for a while, then Brady took Abe for a ride in his dune buggy.  I had ridden with him a year ago and loved it.  I knew Abe would like it too. Thanks for the ride, Brady!

At one point, they were going 75 mph on a rough gravel road like this.  Abe SAYS he never screamed, but I'm not so sure.....

I believe the words were, "That was awesome!"

Conni got a ride too.

  We were there for their "green" time.  Blooming cactus is so pretty!

Conni and Melanie had fun on the quad.

And from Kingman, we headed on to CA.  It was long and torturous.  I got to the point I wanted to go bury my head under my pillow until we got to something green.

In California!  Literally across the continent from VA!

Looking forward to this week...sightseeing, meeting relatives, visiting, shopping, etc..

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  1. Was reading an article in a travel magazine the other day: "Ghostbusting in Jerome"- thought to myself, where have I heard of this place before? Your blog! Did you know "it's enjoying a heyday as the country's oldest living ghost town?" "Etched into a cliff, precipitous drop to the valley below, a main street that seems to crawl upward in a series of S-turns..." Yes, I would say driving the RV through there probably did make quite a stir. Hope your trip back on the northeast route is just as fun and exciting!