Apr 30, 2012

Beautiful Sedona, AZ

 Two days in Sedona was just not enough.  We were parked beside the creek in Oak Creek Canyon.  Beautiful stream; so peaceful and relaxing.

It was a bit overcast and the water was really cold, but Conni still spent quite a bit of time in the creek.

Abe had to go get a fishing license, so he jumped on the bike and rode into town.  Unfortunately, it was raining..... He finally showed back up looking like this:

NOT a happy camper!  He was soaked clear through.  He rode about 3 or 4 miles total and the first half was very uphill!  But, this was his reward:

 Tim got up early one morning and rode into town.  He discovered the Wild Flower Bread Company...(http://www.wildflowerbread.com/) bought some fresh bread and brought it to us for breakfast.
The Bear Claw was delicious, and so was the pretzel, but the multi-grain bread was the best!

During the rainy-ness, I cleaned house.  It felt so good to scrub everything and tidy up.  My remaining VA apples died a happy death in the form of apple crisp...Mmmmm.  Smelled so good in here!  I also had all the ingredients for clam chowder, so I made a double batch of that.  Along with the yummy bread Tim brought, we had a killer dinner.

Conni used her inside time wisely.

Trying to stay caught up with Algebra....

If you are ever in the area south of Flagstaff, we can highly recommend Rancho Sedona RV park, and the Wild Flower Bread Company!  I would go back again in a heartbeat.

Traveling on!

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  1. Oak Creek Canyon was my parents' favorite spot in Sedona as well. Looking forward to getting there myself someday. Continue to enjoy the journey!