Apr 27, 2012

Canyon so Grand

Ever hear of Four Corners?  It's not a town.  It's not a county.  It is the only place in the US where 4 states share the same corners.  It's actually in the middle of Navajo country, which translates to Nowhere.  Barren, ugly, dry.  No town; just a big landmark.

Here we are.  A family standing on 4 different states.

Abe's way of being in 4 states at once.

Conni on tiptoes smack in the center.
  Of course, Bear gets a walk/potty break every time we stop.

Abe's thinking of taking up dance.  Looks like a natural, huh?

Our next destination:

This is similar to Carlsbad Caverns; words can't do it justice.  I've seen pictures, I've read about it.  I expected it to be massive, spectacular, grand etc.  And yet, I was still struck with awe.  You just can't really understand it until you see it.  And still, I can't comprehend it.  The scale is just unfathomable.
Again, we managed to hit a National Park during the week they don't charge admissions.  

We're not there 5 minutes before Abe has to try this.  Such a guy thing.....

Why do they have to do this?  Dumb question.  I'm sure my brothers and sisters and I would've done the same thing.  Anything to freak out Mom.

When I hear Conni holler, "Mom!" and I turn around and see this....yeah....  The old heart steps it up a bit.


I love the river.  It looks so calm and peaceful, but I know it has some pretty serious rapids.

Abe, Conni and I climbed up the lookout tower (along with 6 buses worth of folks from a different continent).  It is 85 steep, narrow windy steps up.  Abe put a quarter in the telescope and was rewarded with seeing 4 white water rafts going down the Colorado.  Pretty cool.  I would LOVE to do that.  Some day....

I love this verse.  So fitting.  I was kinda surprised they had it posted.

As we headed out to a point that the kids wanted to climb out on, we saw this gum tree.  Rather disgusting, but at least it's all going in one place.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any to contribute.

We started climbing down...all 3 of us in flip flops.  Abe was in front.  I maneuvered myself down a steep place, rounded a corner and came upon this caveman sleeping.

This point is as narrow as it looks.  Sheer drop off.  I think I was a bit of a Nervous Nellie watching, but of course I had to get it on the camera.  Tim watched from a ways off ...speaking of Nervous Nellie....!

Kinda makes your skin crawl if you look down.

Tim stayed behind with the pooch.  I think it's more nerve wracking to watch from a distance than to do the climbing yourself.

Again....(Don't look Grandmommy!)

We headed back to the RV.  Abe obviously had not used up enough energy yet.
The next time we go to the GC, I want to do one of the guided tours.  One that we looked at was a 1 day tour that started at 6:00 a.m. and ended at 8:00 p.m.  You got to do everything:  off road in a jeep to a certain point, then hike to another point, then ride mules to the bottom.  Then you raft for a while on the Colorado, get out and hike some more, then get picked up by a helicopter and fly out.  I bet it would be exhausting but so much fun.   It cost $600 per person!  Yikes!

I highly recommend seeing this amazing canyon God created.  Put it on your "must see" list.
Happy weekend everyone!  Go enjoy a National Park - it's free through the 29th!


  1. great pictures!
    nice beard there, Mr. Cotten! ;)

  2. I love that area. So pretty. That river does have rapids!! We did a canoe trip starting at hoover dam, for almost a week. I think we were crazy. Reminds me of when our family "toured" all that area. Are you visiting Zion National Park, or Natural Arches? I am dying to see around the east coast now!!