Apr 27, 2012

Morning adventures on the river!

The river is gorgeous.
 Unfortunately, it is VERY cold! I went down to the river yesterday morning to check it out and watch Abe fish for a little while.

When I got down there though, this is what I found;

Abe was up in a tree, untangling his line while mom 'helped'. ;)
They managed to get it out though. 

I found a different tree to climb...

Abe was talking about a spot on the other side of the river that would be a good spot for him to fish, so I decided to see if I could get there easily. 

I got across to the spot.. and then, well, I just couldn't resist. The water was so beautiful, so powerful, and I really think it wanted me to come in ;) so...


  1. i wish I could play with you in the river too!
    glad you're having fun!
    that picture of Abel fishing is really creepy....

  2. That water totally looks cold!!! But also lots of fun!! Great family memories!!

  3. We are loving seeing your adventures! ~The Gritskos