Apr 26, 2012

You just can't beat it.

Heading from the Grand Canyon down into Flagstaff.  This is the highest peak in Arizona.  Now doesn't that just soothe your soul?

Beautiful, huh?  As we get into greener country with real trees, I'm feeling better and better.

We traveled south from Flagstaff, in the dark, for 20some miles, 9 of which were switchbacks, from 7,000 feet elevation down to 5,000, ears popping, trying to "bend" the RV around the hairpin turns.... and finally drove into Sedona.  It was dark, but there were so many little shops and cafes still open; lights everywhere.  Really quaint and picturesque.  We made it through town, through 2 traffic circles, and into the Rancho Sedona RV park.  Of course the office was closed, so it's just a check-yourself-in type thing.  Tim and Abe picked a spot and between their "awesomeness" they parked our 38 foot rig in a 30 foot camping spot.  Between trees.  With approximately 2 1/2 inches leeway for the pop out to go out.  With the bicycle rack up against a bank in the back.  I'm thinking: could we maybe have found a spot that we fit in a little better?  But oh well.  Just stop, plug us in, and let me go to bed.

We got hooked up to electric, water, and sewer....the guy job; I fixed a late dinner of quesadillas, and Conni closed all the shades and slid out all the pop outs.

Then we crashed.

This morning we woke up to this right outside our door:

Now I know why they were so bent on fitting our rig in this smaller spot - because it's riverside!

I could sit beside this all day.  Love the sound.  Makes me smile.  Makes me think about our awesome God and the wonderful creation He's made for us to enjoy.

I hope you all have a blessed, restful, rat-race-free day.

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