May 31, 2012

Increasing faith, and building hope.

Thirty years ago, Tim had a close relationship with this family.

Twenty-eight years ago, all contact with this family was broken.

And now, thanks to prayer, faith, hope, and an amazing God that works in our hearts, Tim was able to re-connect with the Johnsons.  And I was able to meet the family that I had heard so much about for so many years.

Alan and Linda Johnson; Tim.

Out of a family of 7, (4 girls and 3 boys)  we got to see/meet all the girls and their families.
Ferlin and Donna Beth, Natalie, Tanner, Lacey.

Elliot and Sherry Kirk, Summer, and Skyler.  What an amazing miracle Sherry's life is, and what an example of God making beauty from ashes.

Steve and Lois Bullard and their 4 kids:  Sterling, Stetson, Jessica, and Shaelyn.

David and Brenda Bullard with their 2 kids:  Wyatt and Miranda.

Alan with his 4 girls: Donna Beth, Sherry, Lois, Brenda.

We had such a lovely day.  Wonderful visiting and catching up, yummy food, gorgeous weather, lots of laughing, and lots of this:

Tim and Sherri; Ferlin and Donna Beth.

Donna Beth and me.  I so enjoyed meeting her and getting to spend time together.

Our time at the Johnsons was good;  it brought closure and healing for more than one person.  We are looking forward to keeping in touch.  

God is good....all the time.  He is bigger than any problem we might have, any hurt, any wound.  His mercies are new every morning, He brings joy from tragedy, and He makes beauty out of ashes.  All of this brings hope.  


  1. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Sherri, Being able to meet you and spend time with you and Tim and your family was such an answer to many of my prayers! I feel so blessed to have found a new friend in "you". Only God can heal broken hearts. And it was wonderful to see how well matched you and Tim are and how well matched Ferlin and I are... it was such a wonderful time to reconnect and it is a big statement of GOD's LOVE!!! God doesn't make mistakes, His ways are always perfect!!! Ferlin felt so glad to have met you and your family, he told me that is a family I'd enjoy being "friends with". It was such a great time singing, with Tim playing the guitar, it brought back some great memories!

  2. Tim and Sherri,

    I am so happy for you all to have gotten to be with the Johnson family.Sounds like you all had a blessed time.We love you all. Amy

  3. What a wonderful opportunity, Sherri. I'm so glad you were able to visit the Johnsons. The Lord's timing is always right, and fellowship with their family will always be a joy. Amazing that half a lifetime has passed.