May 31, 2012

The Pacific Coast Highway

We chose to drive on the PCH from SLO to Monterey.  It has amazing views!

And amazing curves.  Especially in a 38 foot RV.  Many times, we were straddling the double yellow line in the middle.  Our Blue Ridge Parkway has nothing on the PCH as far as curves go. Some pretty good inclines too.

So many signs like this.  I think we averaged 30 mph for 4 hours.

Multiple hairpin turns.

On your right is a cliff wall.  On your left, a sheer drop off to the rocks and water.  A quote from Abe a this point:  "I wonder what would happen if you just gunned it and went straight right here?"

We stopped at a vista point (in VA it would be a scenic overlook) to take some pics.

There were 4 stumps just sitting there waiting for us to stand on them.  Perfect.

We are yoga naturals.


Abe acting like he's going to throw Bear out over the edge.

We were trying to throw a rock into the water.  It looked so easy!  It's just right down there!  But Abe was the only one who could get the rock to land in the water.  Throwing it was a bit scary.  We were standing right on the edge.  Abe and Marci felt the need to hold onto me as I threw.  I failed.

Marci failed.

 Abe made it.  Twice.

We stopped here so the kids could go down to the beach and put their feet in the water.  See the 3 little dots?  That's the kids.

Yes, that's Abe running away from the cold water.

Up on the rock.  Bear too.

Coming into Monterey Bay.

We had the windows open as we rolled through Cannery Row.  This old guy hollered out, "Welcome to Monterey!"

Going to dinner.
 It was chilly!  And breezy!

 Dinner was delicious!  We can highly recommend it.  Next, we walked a couple of blocks away for dessert.  All the Cottens agree that Lindt is better than Ghirardelli.  No offense, you Ghirardelli lovers.  You just don't know any better yet.

And then of course, a little latte to go with the chocolate.

My beautiful girls.  Notice who is taller here!

Love my kids!

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  1. They are all awesome! I hope our children will grow up to be, as sweet and dear as yours are. We so enjoyed getting to know each of them very much! You should be proud! You and Tim have done a great job! Keep up the great work!