May 31, 2012

Finally. Six Cottens.

We stayed near Monterey last night, then this morning drove into San Francisco.

After doing several loops through the arrivals/pick up area, ...

...getting told to move on by 3 different policemen, making a guy in a red sports car wet his pants when we parked next to him (when I say "next to", I really mean "next to".  As in 3 inches apart.), and having the entire crew keeping a watch on the bridge heights, we picked up Angi.  It was so good to drive up and see her standing on the sidewalk waiting for us!

As we pulled out heading north, Angi mentioned that she would love to get some good sourdough bread while we were in the city that's famous for it.  I pulled out my trusty little guide book for restaurants given to us by the DeLauras and found something that looked good.  Fortunately, it was only a couple of miles from where we were at the time.  Smack dab in the middle of San Francisco.  Unfortunately, we are still in a 38 foot RV that is 12 1/2 feet tall.  Fortunately, nothing deters Tim.  He will drive this rig pretty much anywhere.  Unfortunately, the passengers bite their nails as they sit and look out the windows.  You would not believe some of the streets he took us down.

And parking?  Yeah.  A problem.  We can't fit in any designated parking garages.  So, we just park on the side of a hill (you can't tell how steep this is), squeezed in between 2 motorcycles in the front and a car in the rear.  By pulling in as tight as we could to the motorcycles, we were able to get away with only taking up 2 full parking spaces.  Thus, only 2 parking meters.  Thus, only $7 to park for one hour!  It was kind of funny how many people stopped to gawk as we were parking and getting out.  One guy even asked where we were from (he must've missed the license plates in the front AND back) and tried to help us park.  Tried, as in he stood between the motorcycles and held on to them.  I think he thought Tim was going to run right over them ( a legitimate concern for an onlooker) and he would stand there and save them.  Pretty funny.  By the way, who keeps $7 in quarters handy?

First time to all be together again in over a month.  Feels so good to this mother's soul.

This is the restaurant we chose:
 As soon as we sat down, they brought fresh sourdough to our table.  Angi was delighted.  It was so good!

We can highly recommend Sam's Grill.  Abe had "The best scallops I've ever eaten."

After lunch, we headed back up the hill to the RV.  Our hour was up and we were hoping we hadn't been towed.  Or ticketed.  Hit Starbucks on the way...of course.
Then, back to the 101 to the Golden Gate Bridge.  None of us had ever seen it, so we just chalked up another first! :)

First time to see Alcatraz, too.

Somewhere east of SanFran, we pulled over at a roadside produce stand.  That was on my wish list.

We have seen fresh cherries advertised at so many places.  It was so nice to be able to stop and load up on them.  They were perfect.  Same price for Bing and Rainier.

 Headed out with $30 worth of produce.  Everything from fruit, to onions, to salsa making stuff.

Now we are headed on east into Yosemite.  It is so good to be together again.  We are thoroughly enjoying our family; our trip; and of course....our RV!

Happy trails!


  1. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Loving getting to 'armchair travel' with you! So glad you all are together again!

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  3. This is Vicky...I feel like I am traveling with you all, it is so fun to see where you all are going, Thank you for sharing your vacation <3

  4. So fun! How was the fresh salsa?

  5. I'm trying not to play host to the green-eyed monster;-).

  6. Ditto on the "green-eyed monster"- so jealous of this trip on so many levels but I will stick to the cherries- yum! Got some from Batesville the other day that can only be described as- yuck! Glad the whole family is back together! Have a marvelous time!