Apr 8, 2012

Suggestions wanted...

Only 4 more days.....then USA, here we come!

We leave on Thursday to begin our 9 week cross-country trip. It is one of those things that's been on our bucket list for years and is finally coming true.

I would like to introduce you to _______?_________. She is a 38 ft. Holiday Rambler coach.  This will be our home-away-from-home for the next couple of months.
She's as big as a boat!

She's got 3 nice size pop-outs.  Makes for very nice living space inside.

Our dilemma is this:  What to call her?  With a trip of this length, this magnitude, this importance; it only seems right and fair that we give her a name.

So...we are taking suggestions!  Please send us any and all ideas. We will vote on them as a family and the lucky winner will win:

An all expense paid postcard from some random state we travel through!  :)  

Now, don't be shy about your suggestions.  We've already received several.  Everything from Bertha (sorry, that's my great-grandmother's name) to Lady Gaga.  Lucy, Lizzie, Babe, etc.

Conni got under here with the hose and cleaned out the storage space.  Ready to fill up!

 Today, we spent some time going through all our camping gear and choosing what goes with us.  Looked kinda like a yard sale for a little while!

Still lots to do.  But we're having a blast getting ready.  We will be taking our computer and blogging our trip.  That way, you can keep up with us and see what we're seeing.

Thanks for your input on names. Can't wait to see what we get!

Have a nice week, everyone!


  1. Hey if you decide to come anywhere near us, please stop in and say hello. We'd love to see you. We are really near the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Brown Bessie is my choice.

  2. Oops, just noticed she is more green then brown. Guess I'd better go with the Incredible Hulk.

  3. How about Amelia (Earhart) or Carmen (San Diego)? ;-)

  4. Sounds so fun!!! You guys have safe trip.
    Oh and a name??? Hmmmm.....Ole Bessie is ways a good name....Haha!!!!

  5. Sounds so fun!!! You guys have safe trip.
    Oh and a name??? Hmmmm.....Ole Bessie is ways a good name....Haha!!!!

  6. What about Moby Dick?? And that trip sounds SO much fun...I think every family has wanted to do that at some point :) Have fun!

  7. How about "Corsair" after the amazing WW2 fighter plane. No dought you will be flying low much of your trip. Scott

  8. wally.
    y'all have a great time!

  9. The Rockweller or Ole Norman. Have a great time! I look forward to riding along with ya'll through this blog. Oh, and I look forward to receiving my postcard. ;)
    I kid.

  10. Ideas from the Muraskins:
    Casarova (casa/home; rove/roam) (thought of Casarover as well but if it's a girl...)
    On the same lines: Casaroll (Rolling house not casserole)
    Also: Sacagawea, Meriwether, Buckboard, or Westward Ho!
    Have a great trip!

  11. Hey Sherri ~ A Rambler Coach eh? How about "Ramblin' Rose"!! Nothing like a little Roy humor! Have a good trip!