Apr 14, 2012

And the name is.......(drum roll)

Actually, we still haven't decided.

Wow. What participation and "help" we've had in choosing a name! There are over 30 suggestions. Some are cute, some are clever, and some are downright corny. Give us another day or so...I'm sure something will hit us just right.

Meanwhile.... We managed to leave on Thursday, only an hour later than planned.

Of course there was last minute rushing around...trying to remember everything. Got jackets? Cell phones? Chargers? Pillows? 3 kids? Bear? Squirrel?

Yes, I said squirrel. Why did someone have to call with a squirrel rescue mission the day before we left? I would gladly have left the little blighter to Mother Nature, but not Conni! Within an hour or so, she had researched squirrels, made him a nest, found a formula recipe, made it, and had "Rue" drinking it like he knew what he was doing! He IS adorable, but he's still an animal and like all animals, he poops and pees. I'll just leave it at that.

Our first stop: Liberty at Pantops to fill up.  $3.99/gal.  Oh boy.  Is this the lowest we'll see?

Next stop was Camping World in Roanoke.  We had ordered a part for the RV and needed to get it installed.  While we were there, Tim put Mar and Abe to work.

Conni kept busy tending to Bear and Rue.

Our first night on the road...and yes, it's true that Walmart welcomes RV's.  Probably because they never leave without going in and buying something. :)  This is south of Charlotte, NC.

The next day, we pulled into Augusta, GA in time to have lunch with John Owens and his daughter, Lisa.  John owns a Ben Franklin Plumbing franchise in N. Augusta.  We've known him for years now and really enjoy any chance we get to be with him and his family.

Marci in the drivers seat.  She got to drive from Augusta through Atlanta and on down 85.  Nice job, Mar!  Especially with all the traffic and construction in Atlanta.

When it got dark, Abe retired to the back room and spent a little quality time on the PS3.

Today, we spent 3 or 4 hours at the beach in Gulf Shores, AL.  Only problem is, Tim didn't make it to the beach before he crashed. :)

Mar snoozing on the white sandy beach.

Abe napping too.  (When he wasn't whining about how windy it was.)  It really was windy.  Red flags were flying.  The blowing sand really stung.  But it was a pretty beach.  Nice sand, big waves.

This picture is for a few friends of mine.  Remember I promised to think of you and spend a few extra minutes in the sun just for you?  Proof I was on the beach!

And now, we're cruising West on I10.  Headed to Bay St. Louis, MS.  And this is me....

How awesome is that?  We're driving down the road, I'm blogging on my laptop, the girls are fixing dinner, and Abe is stretched out giving orders.  I can't tell you how nice it is to travel in this coach.  The seats are so nice and comfy.  I can sit or lie down when I want.  I can make lattes for everyone when we want them.  So relaxing and so enjoyable!  I'm so thankful for this opportunity.

And that ends day 3 for us.  Dinner is ready!  I think my next post will be about "What it's like to travel with pets".  Interesting times and pictures.

Have a great weekend everybody!  We'll have a name for this rig soon!


  1. Wow! What a plush ride - do you rent this out? Looks like so much fun!

  2. Melissa,
    We feel rather luxurious, too! It's so nice...makes traveling so easy and fun.

  3. I enjoyed this post Sherri! This is something that Jeff and I have really considered doing...getting a rig and heading out for who knows where! We'll be very interested in hearing all about your travels! Thanks for taking the time to let us know how it's going and how much fun everyone is having! Love you guys!

  4. Cool photos.... I wonder if Abe gets car sick playing CoD. Hahaha.

  5. Very nice mom!! Sounds like Abe is in his element with the PS3 and giving orders. :) Love you guys!

  6. Keep the photos and updates coming! So fun!!! We love them. Especially the part about the squirrel!