Apr 15, 2012

Sick? Or sane?

I admit I am not an animal lover.

Neither is Tim.

How then, did we beget a daughter that is an animal lover? Must be some hidden dormant gene that came through on her.

I think the only good animal is one that is useful for something. Such as cows, horses, chickens, pigs, goats.  (Notice all of these belong outside.)  Dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, etc totally miss me. True, they can be cute. But my life is just fine without them.

Some people have asked me how in the world I can have a rabbit or a snake in my house. I probably wouldn't/couldn't have a year ago. However, I've learned something. I've learned that it's not about ME. Just because I don't like, need, or want the animal, doesn't mean that someone I love doesn't like, need, or want it. 

 I had a revelation this past winter:

I can support and thoroughly enjoy Abe's basketball games. I love going to them and cheering him on. I can support Marci and her business of doing hair and makeup for weddings. We discuss her business, we look at pictures, we do consults at our house. Both of these are easy for me because I find both of these topics fun and interesting. But...can I support Conni and her animals? Loving animals, rescuing animals, researching animals...animals are her PASSION!

It's easy to support something you personally enjoy. But what about something you DON'T enjoy? Something you could care less about? Does it always have to be the way I see it? Does it have to be about ME?

Thus, my revelation.

This is something I prayed about. I realized my daughter was not outgrowing her love/passion for animals. It was only intensifying as she got older. God helped me to see it's ok for my kids to have interests that aren't necessarily mine. And it's not only ok, it's GOOD to support them in their passions and callings.

So now you know why we've had a 4 ft. ball python in our house for the last 5 months; why we've had a very large rabbit hopping around the schoolroom for 3 months; why there's a turtle constantly splashing and clanking in it's tank in the schoolroom; and why we have a miniature poodle in the RV with us on a 9 week trip.

That being said, I hate to admit my reaction when Conni got a rescue call on Wednesday - the day before we left - to come save a baby squirrel. A neighbor"s cat caught and killed a mother squirrel (which is exactly what cats are supposed to do) and there were 3 babies left orphaned. (Dumb cat - he could've had all 4!)

So...Conni to the rescue. In short, one baby was saved. (I guess this is something I should be thankful for.) And yes, it is with us on our trip.

So, with Rue and Bear, we have some very interesting moments. Here are a few pictures to show what it's like traveling with pets.

He likes to be able to see out front.  This means the front seat, or......

...the dash!

Bear prefers the front seat.   Unfortunately, this means my lap.

This is my favorite place for Rue to travel:

Conni made this pouch for him.  She just hangs it from the lamp and he swings merrily away just like in a tree.
He likes riding in her hoodie, too.  Any place tight and snuggly.

You never know where Rue will end up when he's allowed to run loose. :)

He's so cute when he drinks out of his bottle.
When I won't let Bear get on my lap, this is where he ends up.
At the beach in Bay St. Louis, MS.  Yes, that is a doggy life jacket.  
As if he needs it.  The little wimp will barely get his paws wet!
This is where Bear prefers to stay on the beach....under my lawn chair!
Rue wasn't quite sure what to make of the sand. I was hoping he'd want to become a beach squirrel, but no luck.

So there you have a few snippets of life in an RV with  pets.  I'm doing okay with it...most of the time.  Two nights ago, I woke up to scritching and scratching.  Rue had gotten out of his box and came to the back room, under the door, and up on our bed.  He was crawling up on my covers; up to my neck.  I plucked him off and just winged him across the room.  There was a small thunk; but he must've been ok because he came back.  After the second time of waking me up; getting thrown; and coming back again, I finally got up and put him back in his box with a heavy weight on the top so he couldn't get out again.
Then this morning there was another throwing episode when he jumped off the couch onto the kitchen counter and landed in the butter.  I. was. not. happy.  He found out he was a flying squirrel!  Fortunately, (for him), he landed on a pillow.  Unfortunately, (for me), I had to clean butter off the pillow.
Animals or no, we're having a lovely time together.  Today is a gorgeous day on the beach.  I hope everyone is having a great day wherever you are!  Talk to you another day; in another state!


  1. Loved the pictures of the "pets".

  2. sounds like one big HAPPY family!

  3. Just the cross country trip would be adventure enough for me! Bear, I understand, but the squirrel? For future reference: The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro would be a great resource for volunteer opportunities for Conni as well as any wild orphans she is recruited to take on. I hope you all continue to have a wonderful time!