Apr 17, 2012

Bets you should never accept.

Abe likes to "bet" on things. There are two major problems with his bets, as you'll see.

As we are driving through MS, going over swampy water, he bets me $5 to swim across the canal.
(All I can think is alligators and snakes everywhere.)

Another bridge in MS: "I'll give you $10 to jump off this bridge into that water." (The bridge is only 25 ft high and the water is crawling with reptiles.)

Huge puddles in the middle of the road in the French Quarter: (To Marci) "I'll give you $5 if you go sit in that puddle."

Another huge puddle on the way to where our RV was parked: (Again to Marci) "I'll give you $20 if you go turn a full-on somersault in the middle of that puddle."

To Tim: "I'll give you $2 to give yourself a wedgie."

Problems with these:
1. They are rather stupid bets. I mean, who wants to swim with alligators; or sit in an oily rain puddle in the middle of any street.
2. Here's the biggest problem: He's CHEAP! $5 to sit in a puddle? Marci told him she'd do it for $20...he wouldn't take her up on it.

I came up with one for Abe:
We were in Smoky Bones restaurant. I told him I'd give him $10 to go sit at some random strangers table and act like he was supposed to be there. He would have to smile, chat, and laugh with them just as if he knew them and they were expecting him. Did he accept? NO! Chicken.

For $10, I would sit at a strangers table and chat with them.
For $5, I WILL NOT swim across a reptile infested canal.

If Abe ever says "I'll give you $___ to do________, watch out. You just might come out on the bad end of the deal. :)

BTW, here's my chauffeur:


  1. Sounds exactly like one of his uncles!

  2. so funny!!! laughed and laughed!!!