Mar 5, 2012

What better way to spend your 46th birthday?

My sweetheart turned 46 on March 2. Other than spending time with his family, the one thing Tim wanted to do was to sign the Courageous Resolution. He wanted his closest friends to be witnesses to the signing. And he also extended the invitation to any of them that wanted to sign it.

We began the evening with some yummy desserts the ladies brought.  Then we played a couple of word games.  Here's Julie working away at it with Dwight "helping".

Michael was actually the first to solve the puzzle.

Angi and Matt pondering....

So thankful for wonderful, life-long friends...

Heather and Marci.  Friends since childhood.  Love their sparkly, mischiefy personalities.

Then it was time for the Resolution signing.  Frank Williams read it out loud first.

I love it that they all dressed up.  This was not a decision made or taken lightly.

Tim signing.

Dwight witnessing.

Frank saying a few words to his family before he signed.

Frank's wife, Janice.  Love them both.

My wonderful family.  I am so blessed!  Left to right:  Marci-19, Angi-21, Tim-46, Sherri-42, Abel-17 in 6 days, Conni-14.

Frank and Jan and family.  Left to right:  Frank and Heather, Janice, Frank, Rae, and her fiance Brian Campbell.

The good times continued on into Saturday.  Angi and Michael and Theresa stayed over.  Lots of visiting and music.  I can't express how much I miss this and how much I enjoy it when she's home.

Two beautiful girls... Ang had just gotten out of the shower, and Mar was in the middle of doing her hair when dinner was called.  They were a bit late, so had to sit at the bar. :)

Bear getting a bath with tomato sauce after a run-in with a skunk.  It really does work!

Woke up Monday morning to this:

So gorgeous!  I put on my snow boots and tromped out to take some pictures.  Love my jonquils.

My home.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with people we love.  Happy birthday to my sweetheart.  So thankful for him and for his desire and commitment to be a courageous man.


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    1. Love back to you, Amy! Thankful you and Steven are a part of our lives too.

  2. Oh, Sherri! Thank you so much for sharing the special times you all had there this past weekend! We love you all! Happy Birthday to Tim for us, please! I left for home last evening, so just missed the snow by hours! What a beautiful time after such a good time you all had with family and friends! Thanks again for sharing!