Jun 11, 2012

Jackson Hole + Cottens + cold weather + goofing off =

Partido loco muy frio con el Cottens!

Don't think we don't know our Spanish!  (Actually, this may be totally backward and wrong, but it sure sounds good.)  We're all over it....at least some of us are.  Tim and Abe just stick to putting "el" in front of every word and adding "o" to the end of it.  (ie: el lake-o)

This is the town square in Jackson, WY.  There are 4 of these arches - 1 at each corner of the park.  They are made from hundreds of antlers.  I assume they are real.  Non-American tourists everywhere. It is hard to take a picture and not get one of them in it!

This looked pretty neat.  I would've enjoyed a ride in here.  I like that old crusty codger too.

Since these streets were not particularly designed for 38 foot RV's, we parked the rig and walked around town.  Every time we get out, Abe starts jumping over and on things.  He acts like he's been cooped up for hours.   The leapfrog is a favorite of his.

 I wasn't quick enough with my trigger finger to get a pic of him doing a handstand in the middle of the street.

I was trying to get a closer picture of the antler arch.  This was in my way every time.  Finally, I just stepped up behind the photographer and took one of my own.  These folks are a long way from home...and there are lots of them.

Since it was so cold, we stepped into a neat little coffee shop called Dolce.  They had hot, made-to-order donuts that were scrum!  Marci claimed they were the best donuts she'd ever had.  Sorry Spudnuts!  She's turned traitor.

Marci was looking for a hoodie, so we did a drop off near some shops that looked likely.  She called us when she was done and we picked her up alongside the road.  Notice the Uggs...on June 10th!

A fuel stop...Abe was practicing his emergency exit.

In making plans for the day, we took into consideration the temperature.  High today was 56 degrees.  Nix on the white water rafting.  Such a bummer.  This is white water rafters heaven and it's too cold to do it.  Guess we'll have to head to the New River in WV some day this summer.

This is the Snake River as it goes through Jackson Hole.

A bit blurry, but Abe and I were drooling over this house.  It has an awesome view of the Tetons all around it.

Still cold and cloudy.  You can hardly see the mountains and they are right there!

We did a grocery stop and picked up all the ingredients for clam chowder.  Perfect meal for a cold, dreary day. The girls helped by chopping up onion, celery, carrots, garlic, and potatoes.  Abe wasn't anywhere near the food (or the work) and he cried about the onions burning his eyes for half and hour.

Sauteing bacon.

This made such a big batch, we decided to share.

Ready to eat along with crusty, hot bread.

Because it was so cold and blustery out, no one was out walking and no one saw our sign.  Probably a good thing.  Abe immediately claimed the leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


It's been a crazy, lazy, fun day.  I never figured we'd spend our time in WY huddled up in the RV trying to stay warm.  Low tonight is 31 degrees.  Southern CA seems like a long time ago and a long ways away!   It's still been fun, though.  Tomorrow, we head south....hopefully to warmer weather.  Abe is about to go crazy wanting to fish.  We'll be looking for a good campground with a river.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. fishing is good in the cold I caught some of my biggest fish in the 30 cold, and the rivers look rough but you would be supprised what lurks in the rapids, BIG ones!
    Loved the pic of the bacon frying you look ready to take it on, and it better not move.
    As for the for the non A's, they were taking pictures of Rae and Frq all the time, jabbering away and laughing, so some where their pictures are in some crazy land, "hey look Lin So, remember those weird kids" hahahaha