Jun 11, 2012

Hiking with Angi

Hey, this is Marci again.

This is something that keeps happening, every time we walk anywhere that is not a flat surface. So I had to get it on camera. Those of you who have hiked with us before know how funny this can be :)

Most of us just walk down hills. Or on rocks.

Not Angi. There is much contemplation, broadcasting of fear and terror involved in the upcoming attempt to conquer said challenge. (i.e. a hill)

Here we have gone down a short but fairly steep hill to see the Gibbon River in Yellowstone. Nothing crazy.

Step 1: Approach and assess danger (while holding on to sturdy limb that gives much emotional, though not much physical support)

Step 2: Take first step then pause and tell everyone below how treacherous said hill is.

Step 3: Point at offending persons making fun of the lack of progress made in the last 5 minutes. Question again why we are attempting this.

Step 4: Take a leap of faith and one step down while grabbing next hand hold.

Step 5: Since there are no hand holds available to accompany the next two steps, must bend over to touch ground to maintain balance. (all while holding up sweatpants to avoid getting damp, of course)

Step 6: Brother gets impatient with slow progress (everyone else is about ready to go back to the RV) and comes to rescue. :)

Step 7 and so forth: Continue slowly down rocks keeping a death grip on nearest person's arm to maintain balance. (or at least you won't end up in the water alone, right?)

...and we have reached our destination! :)

No harm done... now how in the world do we get back up....  :)

Maybe next time I'll just watch....

Love ya Ang!!!


  1. Anonymous6/11/2012

    Very funny.. Sherri, I love the expressions on your face in the pics of Angi coming down the hill!

  2. well you know Rae she can't get near water without falling in! We made progress the other day (maybe being married helps) we were at the river and she did not fall in, hmmm