May 15, 2012

What to do when most of your family is gone, and everyone you're around is over 70:

...stay busy and join the old folks in whatever they're doing!

Here's my daily schedule:
10:00 a.m. - Water aerobics taught by Betty Berlin.  Sometimes I'm her only student; sometimes there are 4 or 5 of us.

Betty is a full-time resident here.  And get this....she will be 100 at the end of June! 

100 years old!

Every time I'm with her, I get tickled just thinking about the fact that I'm hanging out with a 99 year old woman doing water aerobics!  And she doesn't miss a beat.  She does everything in reps of 10 and goes straight from one exercise to the next without hesitation.

I asked her what advice she could give me as an older woman to a younger woman.  She kind of snickered and said, "Enjoy a diet Coke every day."

We both laughed then she said, "It's not how long you live, it's how full your life is while you're living.  Just stay open to whatever the Lord brings your way.  If you stick to that, life will always be full and you will be blessed!"

Wow.  Amazing.

I stop water aerobics at 10:30 because that's the time water volleyball starts.

Ok.  I admit it.  I'm hooked on octogenarian water volleyball.  I'm actually getting quite good at least they tell me I am.  I just hope I don't have to play regular volleyball anytime soon... I'm afraid it would be a disaster. :)

This is Bob.  He always brings the balls: 4 little bouncy Walmart type balls.  A Hannah Montana, Nemo, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princess ball.  He's a permanent resident too...from Canada.

He also brings the clock.  Yes, this is serious business.  They start at exactly 10:30 and do the final serve at noon sharp.

This is Berenice.  She is a hoot and is amazingly agile.  She always has a full coating of lipstick on.

Then there's Trudy.  She is the oldest one on the volleyball "team".  She's 90 years old!

And my personal favorite...Jan.  She's the jolliest, friendliest thing!  I always get a kick out of the fact that she liberally coats her face with sunscreen, but doesn't rub it in!  When the games start, her face is completely white!

Here's Cary.  He sunscreens his lips...that's it....and doesn't rub it in.  He's so funny.  He has balance issues.  Every time he swings at the ball, he loses his balance, falls over, and goes under.  They all laugh at how he spends more time under the water than on top of it.  And the hat...he always wears it.

This is Don.  He's very quiet spoken with a dry sense of humor.  From British Columbia.

Toni, the Queen of Bobbling!  She never returns a hit in the regular way.  She ALWAYS bobbles it!  Sometimes as many as 8 times!  She'll bobble it until it's where she wants it, then hit it over or on to another team member.  At least once a day, she'll actually catch the ball, bobble it, then hit it over.  Do they lose the serve?  No.  Any penalty?  No.  I almost die laughing inside!

Then there's the "baby" of the team!

These are just a few of my fellow teammates.  I'm really enjoying getting to know them and spending time with them.  It is very entertaining and educational.

After volleyball, Conni and I do lunch then usually take a long bike ride.  Afternoons, we do school, reading, cleaning, cooking, or projects.  Here's a glimpse of my latest project:

Going through pictures!  My mom sent me a bunch of oldies and I'm separating them to give to each of my kids.  Here I am at 6 years old, first grade, 1975.

Here I am at 15, 10th grade.  Gotta love the glasses!  If anyone needs to borrow these for a costume, I still have them! :)

Then, the biggie.  Gotta catch up on the last 3 years of picture taking.  Ever since we got our digital camera, I haven't developed pictures.  I got all these developed over the winter, but never got around to this project.  Perfect thing to do while I'm here for 3 weeks.  Only 25 packs of pictures!

All emptied.

Organized by dates.

Making progress!  Got up through September of 2010 put in an album.

I have 8 albums...hope it's enough!

Our normal evening ritual (after dinner) is to go to the hot tubs.  I'm still amazed at how much it cools down here in the evenings.  Makes that hot tub feel good!   I've met some very nice, friendly couples here.  We've had some encouraging conversations about faith, family, and life with them.

So, folks, that is how my day looks here in Hemet, CA while I am staying at the RV park and have no car.
I miss my family and will be very ready to see them.  Meanwhile, I'm making the most of the time and opportunities God sends my way.

Off to the hot tub!  Have a great evening!


  1. Sounds like you're on your way to 100 like Betty!

  2. hey we all know the secret is lots of sun and heat, ever hear of an eskimo living to 100? I think not!