May 12, 2012

Entertainment...the best form!

We stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon and gaze in awe at it.  We pull over at scenic overlooks in the mountains to look at God's amazing handiwork.  We stand on the seashore and stare at the waves rolling in.  We crane our necks to look up at the beautiful fall colors in the trees.

All part of God's handiwork and worth looking at and enjoying.

And then there's His most amazing creation:  people.  Now, you talk about worth looking at and enjoying!

Aren't humans interesting?  We have personalities - rocks, rivers, mountains do not.  We have moods - rocks, rivers, mountains do not.  We do things that make other people laugh - rocks, rivers, mountains do not.

People watching is one of my favorite past-times.  Now before you start acting scandalized, let me say this:
I'm not talking about the rude, staring kind of people watching.  I'm talking about simply observing the people that are around you wherever you are.  The mall, grocery store, Grand Canyon, airport, Sea World, on the sidewalk.....etc....

It is so entertaining!  And you can learn so much about people just by watching! And before you get all self-righteous and try to say you don't look at people.... we all know differently.  EVERYONE looks at people...some are just in denial about it.  Some look, but don't "see".  Some look, but don't "learn" anything.

Here are some interesting people I've seen on our trip.  Some I've met, others I just "saw".  And I've learned something from each one of them.

This was an older gentleman that sat near us at a restaurant in San Antonio.  Just a regular guy sitting with a woman and another couple.  Then he stood up and sang to the woman - his wife of 52 years!  Really cool!  I would never have guessed he could sing, but it was beautiful.  And that!

This woman taught me that when you get up and your chair goes with might be a good time to look for a larger chair, or maybe a gym...

This man was a jewelry vendor.  He might have sold us something if he'd been awake.

We saw TONS of Asians at the Grand Canyon.  Almost all the women wore hats - even on a cloudy day.

Not sure who/what this guy was, but he was interesting....and green.  He walked like he was on a mission: fast and determined.

Few things are more funny or ridiculous than a young, fit guy trying to do something athletic (like rock climbing) with his drawers sagging down his rear.  This guy was having issues trying to get up the cliff.  He kept having to stop and hitch!  We really had some good laughs out of him.

Here's a new one for you:  When walking on the beach in your dress shoes (not sure why you would do that in the first place) just tie baggies around your shoes!  So funny watching them chatter on about what a good idea they had.

We saw "Elvis" at Sea World.  Too funny.  Check out the cuffs.  His hair would've stayed put in hurricane.

This little girl was so adorable.  I loved watching her. Cute little blond curls.

I love this shot!  I caught Josiah when he was getting tickled about something.

There's a reason some people are forced to sit in the soak zone.

A homeless guy with nice handwriting.

This homeless guy was enjoying his book.

Did you know that even bag ladies can be organized?  She seems to have a place for everything.  All nice and tidy.

These are just a few of my favorites.

Look around you, folks!  Loosen up and take joy out of what's around you.  There's always something to see and something to make you smile.

Happy people watching!

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  1. When I saw your pictures of the homeless, I was reminded of something that my grandfather always said: "There but for the grace of God go I."

    Happy Mother's Day!