May 25, 2012

Time flies....

    I had 5 weeks at home while the fam was trooping across the country and it has passed by SO fast! I had so much going on this month... work, work, family weddings, work, visiting friends etc. :)

I flew to Oklahoma where mom's family lives to go to my cousin's wedding on May 5th. It was a really short trip - Friday to Sunday. Im so glad I went though; it was great to see everyone and be a part of Lauren's special day!

Lauren is 2 months younger than me, and we have been close friends since we were little - even growin up half a continent apart. :) Im so happy for her and Josh.

Lauren and I have our fair share of mischief.... but its obvious that we get that from our moms. :) They are even worse that we are! :)

This is the morning of her wedding.

Chelsea, Lauren and I. Chelsea is a few months older than me - its so much fun having girl cousins my age ;) Most of my cousins in VA are guys :)

I got to meet Adeline, Chelsea's 3 month old daughter for the first time. She is so precious! :)

Logan, me, Lauren, Abel.

Brothers and sisters.... :) Love all of them!

Chelsea, Lauren and I at the wedding...

It was a really good trip - I'm so thankful I was able to go!

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