May 23, 2012

Prolific bunnies...

This park needs to hire someone to come in here and pick off a few dozen rabbits.  They are literally everywhere!  Especially in the evenings.  Every evening we go on a walk or bike ride and that's when we see so many.

Last night as I took Bear on his last pee run, I counted over 40 on just 3 streets.  Saw this in a little grassy area.

They're really cute, but who needs this many rabbits?  They leave little droppings everywhere, too.  Bear goes nuts when he sees them.  I kinda wish I could just let him run loose and see how much damage he could do. :)

Conni has been dying to catch one too.  Yesterday I looked out the window and saw this procedure going on.

Yes, it's a rabbit trap.  One laundry basket, a hanger, a lettuce core, some fishing line, and you're ready to catch a rabbit!

 Of course, you have to sit and wait for the dumb things to walk into your trap.  Here she is with the "trigger" ready to pull.

This morning, the trap was sprung, but no rabbit.  I'm kinda glad.  All I can envision is a bunny riding the next 3,000 miles with us.

1 comment:

  1. remember they bite!
    and he wasn't called Thumper for no reason.
    looks like something I would do GO CONNI.