May 27, 2012

A (not so much) Magical evening.

We were heading north out of the massive chaos of humanity of Southern California.  I don't think I've ever seen so much traffic in my life!  There shouldn't be than many cars in the world, much less one state, much less one little area of the state!  Glad to be shut of that!

As we were driving along, Tim asked the kids if there was anything they wanted to do on our trip.  He wanted them to let him know so we could be putting it in the planning.  I'm thinking something like stopping at a road-side stand and getting some fresh local produce.  Or seeing the giant redwoods.  Apparently, that is not the way a 17 year old guy thinks.  Abe piped up that he wanted to race go-carts at some point.  (Mental eye roll here.)

Little did we know that 10 minutes later we would be driving by Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Tim exits and asks Abe if Six Flags would work.  I do believe Abe was a tad bit shocked that his wish was going to be granted so quickly and with such a bang.  Conni was rather excited, too.

We got there at 5:00.  They close at 9:00.  We figured that would be just about right for us.  Four hours of crazy rides would give the kids their thrill fix, then we could be on our way again.

We grabbed a map as we entered and found out they categorize their rides.
1. Thrill seekers in training.
2. Moderate thrills.
3. Maximum thrills.

So...did we start with the "in training" rides?  No.  The minimum thrill rides?  No.

We just HAD to start with the maximum thrill rides.  And on top of that, we just HAD to start with the X2 - a ride of complete terror in which your seat does a complete 360, and you never know if you're up or down.  I spent the 20 minutes we stood in line trying to convince myself that I could do it; that I would be just fine; that if my kids could do it, then by golly I could too.

 Please notice that you are lying on your back going up this.  And yes, once you get to the top, you tip over head first as you plummet down.  Terrifying.  This ride was a blur.  I did everything from pray for safety, to asking God why in the world I got on this stupid ride in the first place.  I have a vague memory of asking for my mom.  I remember wanting to punch Tim.  At some point in the ride, these massive flame torches light up as you fly past.  The roar is insane.  It is amazing how queasy you can get in a 90 second ride.  By the end, I was trying to relocate my stomach to where it should be.  I was so shaky when we got off.  I think Tim had to support me a bit.  The kids were all grins saying, "That was so awesome!"

I was doing this:

I never did really throw up, but I was working hard to not give in to the urge. For some sick reason, Abe and Conni found it funny.

Here I am slightly recovered; a bit pale around the gills.

And then, like an idiot, I go ride this:

Not once, not twice, but 6 times you go upside down.  Six times!

After that, I was done.  Done with anything that spins, tips, or goes upside down.  I stuck to bumper cars.

The kids had fun on the go carts.  It was a bit anticlimactic after the roller coasters.

We left when the park closed.  We were pooped.  Conni collapsed on the grass as we were waiting for Tim to drive by and pick us up.

It was a fun evening.  I'm glad (for the kid's sake) that we got to go.  But for the record, I don't need to go to another amusement park.  I think national parks are more my speed.

Looking forward to Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Tetons in the next couple of weeks.

Traveling on!


  1. Aahhhh, made me queasy just to read about it! Sounds like you are having an incredibly fun vacation though! I'm enjoying reading your blogs and seeing all your pics! You have quite the knack for making things interesting!

  2. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Sherri, my encouragement is to not be soo melodramatic about those kind of things, just do them with your kids! That's what I have done....I've even scaled Bear Fence...a mountaintop climb where the altitude leaves mental incognizance, disorientation, and centralized terror in the cerebral cortex. And if memory serves me correctly, I did it with a serene smile of maternal affection.