May 25, 2012

Life just got better.

Now I feel whole again.

Tim surprised me and came in a day earlier than planned.  So happy.

We picked Abe up Thursday morning in Palm Springs.  I'm so glad to be getting my family back together.

We got back from the airport just in time to play water volleyball.  It was so much fun and my volleyball cronies loved having some new teammates.

Smit and Janet came up in the afternoon.  We had one last evening together.  Played volleyball, had a cookout, played pool and shuffleboard, and visited.

Please excuse my son's manners.

Smit, Janet, Ashley, and Jacob Smith.

My family on its way to being like it should.  Two down, two to go.

Unhooking and stowing all hoses, pipes, cords, and cables.  Time to roll again!

Our first stop...In and Out.  I've been waiting to go here until Abe got back.  Conni doesn't like burgers.  I've heard so much about In and Out.  Some people rave, some people say it's no different than any other burger joint.

Tim's Double Double.
 Our verdict.... In and Out is an okay burger.  Nothing to write home about, though.

So now, we are rolling!  Bear is chilling on the couch.  It took him a couple of miles to remember that this "house" rolls.  He was a little jumpy and nervous at first.

I'm glad to be on the road again.  Looking forward to more exciting adventures on our trip.  Can't wait to pick up the girls in a few more days.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous5/25/2012

    Love all your posts. Glad you all are together again. You and Conni are SO brown!! You all look great. Enjoy your cruising!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you this evening. Drive safely. I pray you will have good traffic and great ride!

    Donna Beth

  3. Aunt Sherri!! I should have warned you!! In-N-Out is my favorite, but the way people hype it up, you end up expecting way too much! It's fast food, just remember that, and when you compare it to anything compare it to McDonalds, Burger King and Hardees!! Oh you got me hungry for it!! I guess I'll have to wait until July.. Glad you guys are almost all the way back together again! Enjoying your blog so much, and missing you guys.