Apr 23, 2012

More Did-You-Know's...

Did you know...

That sitting under the canopy, in my pj's, reading my book is the ultimate in relaxation?  (For you, Laura J, Sheryl M, Jeannine W, Tina W, and Claire D.)

That having a whistler occupying a small space with you can be very annoying?

That it seems like the farther West we go, the more people we see that smoke?

That our resident VA stinkbug is still with us?  We're thinking to let him go once we cross over into CA. Time to introduce a new insect to the Golden State! :)

That this RV has absolutely no problem running along at 85 mph?  (Could this possibly be why we have a flat tire right now?)

That Bear takes advantage of anyone taking a nap? (Which is usually Abe.)

That if you're going to have a flat tire, it will probably happen when a newbie has just gotten behind the wheel? It will be an inside tire, on a Sunday, and in the absolute middle of nowhere.

That when you're stuck on the side of I-10 with nothing but cactus, mesquite bushes, traffic, and an endless horizon - there is still entertainment to be found?  Such as exploring the enormous drainage pipes that go under the entire highway.  It was a little startling to look out the RV window and see Conni and Abe waving at us from the opposite side of the highway.

That there is more than one way to clean a windshield?

That Wheat Thins are not considered a "manly" cracker?

That we still haven't paid more for gas than we did at home in C'ville?

 That with $469 and a friendly Mexican who really knows his stuff, you can get a new tire installed in the-middle-of-nowhere, Texas?

That Texas-sized bugs leave Texas-sized splats on your windshield, blocking the spectacular Texas-sized view?(yeah, we're in Texas)

That the one thing that grows well in West Texas is windmills?

That traveling in an RV is the way to do it?!  Yeah, we're having a great time.  Some of us have colds, but it's not too bad.  Headed to do a little spelunking today!

Hope you all have as great a Monday as we're having!

Till next time!


  1. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Love. Love. Love the idea of sitting by the RV with a book! Sounds amazing! maybe in 20 years when I'm your age I'll get my chance! Miss you! Love, J

  2. hey Sherri you look like your gaining weight, sorry im just jealous. Zeuss is growing like mad and his color is getting very bright been feeding him worms and meat scraps he grabbed my finger, accidently? and held on for awile it was a little weird, glad he isn't any bigger, what is his favorite bed time story? was nice to have Mar here for dinner. Keep having fun. Janice