Apr 23, 2012

At home...

I had an awesome time on the first week of our trip. I was sad to leave Mom, Dad, Abe and Conni, but such is life :) I'm going to enjoy my time at home - visit a bunch of people and take care of some projects I've been putting off :)

The view from my plane window...

One thing I won't really miss... sharing my bed with these two... :) lol I think Bear takes up just as much room as Conni does.

I'll miss this girl though :)

I got home fairly late Thursday night, and went to work on Friday. I was planning on just relaxing at home Friday night, eat dinner, watch a movie, etc.

Only problem was that this is what our fridge looks like ;)

I had fried eggs and an english muffin. :)

Saurday Angi and I did a wedding together at Keswick Hall. It was a gorgeous day :)

We hadn't been there since we were little girls.... actually - I think this was the last time....

Dad and Mom took us there for "tea" :) It was one of our favorite things to do with our friends. We would take our American Girl dolls and everything :) lol Those were the days... :)

Now we are all grown up and I still think I would enjoy going there - mayber for dinner at Fossetts.... Dad? :) lol

Having a great time holding the fort down here at home...  :)

Love ya, Mom, Dad, Abe and Conni!

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