Dec 18, 2010

Wood heat - 4 times as warm....

"#1. cutting. #2. splitting. #3. hauling. #4. burning." :) (This is a Dad-trying-to-make-us-feel-better-ism)

Saturday afternoon, and we all head out to cut, split and haul wood. There is still snow on the ground but its not too cold out - probably mid-thirties.

Angi with a load of wood in our ancient wheelbarrow.

Me using the chainsaw (that Dad sharpened and started for me:)

(mom made me put that one on:)

Conni pulling our new cart thingie...

Dad, splitting the ginormous ones...

Abe, making it look easy :)

Me with the chainsaw (which is actually pretty fun once it's started) Abe splitting, and Angi..... well, i think she is loading the cart, but at the moment she is paused :)

Angi unloading under the back deck.

Water for each of us...

Dad watching me - and laughing :)

loading the wood..... (i think this is really why Mom and Dad had 4 kids - this whole operation is a lot of work! lol j/k:)


Mom decides to have a try at splitting. Abe had left the axe stuck in a piece of wood..... and she couldn't get it out! Not a very promising start :) It was hilarious to watch :)

Ok, finally got it out, now lets see what she can do...

Basically nothing was accomplished :)

I think Angi is laughing at Mom here :)

She decides to have a try at it. Actually, Angi is pretty good at this - except for the aim part :)

This was the sliver she split off :) lol :)

Impressive, huh? :)

I took a break from the chainsaw so dad could add some oil to it. When he hands it back to me, he says: "Start it now, that will make you feel better" :) Here are my attempts....

When I would pull the cord (which, btw, should so be on the right side, hello!) it would just jerk the whole thing around!

Abe is laughing at me....

Dad helps....

....and I try a new approach.

I was able to start it, but it cut off as soon as I looked up in triumph - talk about annoying :)

Typical Abe...

All the kids...

Abe is holding a packed ball of snow against my cheek. COLD!!!

Best friends...

We were all done...... but Dad was still working away..... He has the Pecan Syndrome - for those who know that term :)

We got a cord of wood today. We did the math, and we go through about 10 cords a winter. One in October, 2 in November, December, January, and February, and 1 in March. Just kind of an interesting fact for anyone who cares :)

He is going to kill me for posting this, but I couldn't resist :) This is what he was wearing under his snow pants and coat :)

We love you, Abe! :)


  1. Thanks for the laugh, looks like you all had fun!

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted yall to know that I really enjoy your blog! :)