Dec 18, 2010

Girls + chainsaws = ..... pretty much nothing.

Yesterday, Dad was working, Abe was at a friends house and we needed just a little more wood to last us until today, when we would all get wood together. So Mom, Angi, and I decided we would cut and haul enough to last us through the night. Out we go to start up the chainsaw. The little one needs fuel (and we have no idea how to do mixed gas for it) So we are left with starting the big one, which already had gas in it.

After many, many frustrating attempts to start it, we have gotten nowhere. :(

We couldn't even pull the cord out all the way. It wouldn't come out past like, 6 inches! (later Dad said it might have helped if we had brought it inside for a while to warm up)

We decided to wait until Dad or Abe could help us.

I posted on facebook about our troubles - it was pretty funny watching Mom try to start that thing :) About 45 minutes later, Mom's cousin (visiting from Texas) showed up on our front porch. He said he had heard there were damsels in distress here and was offering his help! :)

He had it started in just a few minutes (of course). Thanks again Uncle Jeff! :)
We were good to go after that - i'm a pro with a chainsaw:) lol

(and yes, we know how awesome our outfits are:)

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