Dec 14, 2010

Random things that happen when Mom leaves the schoolroom...

This morning when I left the schoolroom, I gave Conni a five minute break.  When I came back, her school desk had been transformed into a veterinarian clinic table and a minor operation was under way.  Bear had a cut on the top of his head and she was taking care of it.
Shaving the site of the wound.  Her Red Cross training is getting put to use!

Bear is so calm and still.  He lets her do anything!

Bear with a bandaged head.

He promptly tried to shake it off, but was unsuccessful.  Since he couldn't get it off, he just laid down in a corner and suffered silently.  His dignity was injured.
By the way, we think he cut his head this morning when he tried to jump up on Abe's bed.  He got a running jump, slipped on the wood floor, and "owned" the side of the bed.  Pretty funny, actually!

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  1. Sherri, we are looking forward to seeing you guys at camp next week!!! can't wait! Sara H.