Dec 15, 2010

My washer eats socks...

and bobby pins
and safety pins
and 22 bullets
and ear plugs
and thumb drive covers
and barrettes
and change
and 16 penny nails
and pen caps
and pop tabs
and rings
and airsoft BBs
I have a front loader washer and dryer.  I had noticed for a couple of days that the washer wasn't wringing the clothes out very well - I had to hit "drain and spin" twice after the cycle was done.  I figured the filter had something in it, so I took the front off the washer to clean it out.  After juggling to get a bucket in the drawer underneath and managing to get about an inch of water in the drawer, I was able to remove the filter.  This is what I found:
It had been about a year since I had cleaned it! Very disgusting!
Moral to this story:  Always check the pockets!  And of course - finders keepers!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, looks like it has quite the appetite! I'd hate to see what's in mine.