Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep.

For various reasons, this was the first Thanksgiving that we had been able to celebrate at our house. We were all very excited, and we had all kinds of fun things planned, and tons of awesome food to make.

Conni made a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and a french silk chocolate pie (mom made the crusts)

 Her favorite pie of all time!

She also made a batch of cinnamon candy. (yes, it's totally non-healthy-but hey, it's Thanksgiving!)

 Cinnamon oil is some harsh stuff!!

She is getting to be quite the little cook! Go Conni!

We managed to get Abe to help in the kitchen just long enough for him to seed two pomegranates!
Thank you Abe! :)

Pumpernickel bread rising.

Abe also contributed greatly by getting the lawnmower up and going so we could do our final mowing of the year.

All ready for the big day!

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