Nov 30, 2010

The First Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving morning, we all slept in 'til 8, then dad and the other kids went outside to blow and rake leaves out of the yard.

Thanks to them, we now have lots of awesome leaves in our garden. All ready to till into the soil in the spring!

Mom and I stayed inside and made a huge breakfast of:
Sausage gravy & biscuits
Fried Apples

Wow, so much food! Thankfully we had our cousins Wes and Kels over to help us eat it! After we finished breakfast, the guys went outside to finish the leaves, and we girls got a few things ready for dinner.

Marci and Kels making stuffing.
 Mom getting the turkey ready.

 Mom and Kels showing off their cinnamon candy!

 Conni and me goofing off at the piano

Next, we got ready for some paintball. Our friend Cory came over and added another person to the teams, which made it way more fun!
 I was having issues with the face mask. It just wasn't working for me, so Marci had to help out.
 The whole crew. None of us are intense hunters or anything, so we all went digging in the old "army" dress up box for our outfits. :)
 Our deadly team.
We totally dominated. (I think)

We came back and cleaned up in time for a 4:00 dinner.

The table.
 Apple Walnut Salad with Cranberry dressing. Beyond amazing.
 The Turkey

 Each of us had one of these under our plates, and we all had to answer each of them. It generated some great conversations!
 The after-dinner-stupor...

 Serving dessert!

The cookie game

The day ended with a little football watching, a movie, popcorn, and Kelsey's apples and dip!
Talk about lots of things to be thankful for!!!!!! What a day!

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  1. See the big tarp full of leaves in the first picture? Abe and I hauled like, 10 of those to the garden and he and Dad did at least that many before that. And we blew a bunch into the woods too. We had great fun chuncking Bear into leaf piles where he would vanish, only to come bursting out when you called him :) Good times :)

    Loving my outfit with the hat, sweatshirt, and paint jeans :)

    Awesome games of paintball!!! Still have some bruises, but it was totally worth it! The "drive-by" was the best:) Maybe not the most successful, but definitely the most entertaining! :)

    Thanks for sharing the day with us, Wes and Kels and Cory!